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Leaders Of Tomorrow Podcast

Jul 20, 2020

In today’s show, Chris interviews Glain Roberts McCabe, Founder and President, Roundtable Inc. At Roundtable Inc., Glain helps leaders navigate change, disruption, and growth. She has also authored the book, Grassroots Leadership Revolution.

Growing up, Glain shares that she was always taught to question authority. And that is why she considers herself to be non-employable. 

This serves as a good segue to our next topic. Is there a total dearth of employment opportunities for folks with an independent and entrepreneurial mindset? 

In the next segment of the show, Glain indulges in some introspection. She talks about her strengths and shares how every strength comes with corresponding liabilities. So, while Glain’s dynamism has held her in good stead till not, a propensity to “run after the shiny object” often results in loss of focus and structure.

So, having realized her follies, what is Glain doing to address them? Listening to this segment of the show will compel you to do your SWOT analysis as well.

One topic that we talk at length about is the importance of having a close-knit mentor group. This especially is particularly relevant as businesses are grappling with different challenges in the wake of the virus.

Glain also talks a bit about her book, Grassroots Leadership Revolution. Some of the topics discussed in this segment of the show include building your legacy, setting leadership goals, and the importance of doing what you truly love.

We hope you enjoy this show!



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